Sean Knibb's “Casa Canova” tables are produced in two distinct stages. Their initial forms are designed in his studio in Venice, California and then translated, by hand, into marble in Carrara, Italy. Using classic techniques derived from the 18th century, the meticulous craftsmanship requires over 700 hours of work for each individual piece.  

Knibb’s tables explore the aesthetic history and essential functionality of design. Carved into their marble surfaces are hyper-realistic renderings of t-shirts and jeans. The unblemished white stone and smooth idealized forms reference the visual language of classical antiquity. In juxtaposing its ordinary subject with this illustrious aesthetic, the collection engages themes of urbanization, commodification and consumerism. The “Casa Canova” tables imbue venerable elegance into the articles of contemporary life.

Casa Canova by Sean Knibb